Tarfah Al-Fadhli visited the NDR


On Friday evening 12 August, began then NDR summer tour. The tour continues (and it held every year) for 8 weeks with many activities and parties. Thorsten Creutzburg, one of NDR Team in a short interview said:
11 years ago NDR started its tour in Schleswig-Holstein, that we visit 8 towns during 8 weeks in this state, with international staff.
In this tour, every summer we bring a lot of fun and music, it’s traditional and popular. You can find a lot of people from different places and different towns joining us and celebrating with us, many of them participate in our activities and games with a lot of enjoyment and achievements.
So, the summer continues: tons of fun and happiness with people live in this life with a lot of love and peace. (Text/Photo: Tarfah Al-Fadhli)